News Alert: Avoid variance using PartsRec, your daily Parts to GL reconciliation software program. It's easy to use and saves you valuable time and money!


For 15 years we have been providing parts physical inventories for dealers nationwide, employing over 300 teams of automotive industry specialists.  We have completed thousands of inventories over the years and serviced thousands of dealerships, through this expertise and experience it became obvious to us that there is an ongoing and unmanageable problem that dealers face when it comes to reconciling their Parts PAD to their GL.

Inevitably there is always some kind of variance, either an overage or shortage that is often times unexplainable and nearly impossible to correct.  No one wants to finish year-end with an $80k shortage and not be able to explain why, but sadly this happens every year to many dealers across the country.

Even if you have the “good” surprise of an overage it’s still money in your business that is unaccounted for – what if it really should have been a 50K pickup vs. 20K? Wouldn’t you want to know that?

With the tools and resources dealers have today there is no easy way to do manage or fix this problem.

And that’s where PartsRec comes in.



PartsRec by Total Dealer Solutions is a daily parts reconciliation program that allows dealers to seamlessly reconcile Parts to Accounting on a daily basis helping to reduce variance to zero. Daily insight helps users to immediately pinpoint problems, correct errors, identify process improvements, and most importantly avoid large variances at year-end.

Reconciliations can be cumbersome and extremely time consuming because dealers are usually unable to attribute exactly where variances are coming from making it nearly impossible to control or avoid. Now there is a software program that does the work for you and allows you to reconcile on a daily basis with ease.